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General Questions

1. What cinema camera brands and lenses are available at BrainBox Cameras?

Just about everything! And we’re always expanding more. We rent out all of the major cameras and lenses, and if we don’t have something you need, we can usually track it down for you.

Just a few of the brands that we are proud to carry: Red Digital Cinema, Sony, Canon, Arri, GoPro, BlackMagic. And on the glass side of things, we have Arri/Zeiss, Fujinon, Schneider, Canon, Sony, Cooke, Angenieux, etc.

2. What kind of insurance and paperwork do I need to fill out?

Easy, you’ll need to fill out our new account paperwork. Check out the How to Rent link on our site, for a step-by-step walkthrough.


If you are issuing us an insurance cert it should be made out to Brainbox Cameras, 5760 Hannum Ave, Culver City, CA, 90230 and listing us as a loss payee/additional insured. Make sure your insurance has rented equipment coverage for GREATER than the replacement value of the total of all gear you plan to rent (from both us and any other companies), and we can’t accept insurance with any unlocked vehicle waivers on it.


Make sure insurance coverage starts before your equipment pickup day and expires after your return day.


And one last important thing, the “named insured” that’s either you or the company renting the equipment, needs to match exactly with the name that is used on the rental contract.

Forms can be submitted to

3. Do I need insurance to rent?

Insurance is always recommended but not always required. But if you just need to rent a microphone, a tripod, or a lower-value camera or other item, we can usually just take a credit card deposit. You will be fully liable for up to the full replacement cost if anything happens to the equipment you rent however.

4. How does the 1 day weekend and 3 day week work?

It’s the best deal in town. Just think of Saturday and Sunday as one day. Pickup on Friday afternoon and return Monday morning for the price of a 1 day rental. Or if you need to keep the gear a full week, just pay for 3 days and keep it for 7. Need gear for a month or longer? Typically a month is a 9 or 10 day rental rate (depending on the type of gear) and rentals beyond that can get extra discounts!

5. How much footage can I fit on a REDMAG, CF Card, SD Card, etc.?

Like most forms of digital storage, it depends. Cameras, codecs, resolutions, frame rates, are all a factor. And many cameras use variable bit rate encoding, meaning it’s hard to estimate exactly. If you need to run for long takes, let us know, and we can add extra media to your order for low cost.

6. I need to rent gear for a long period of time. Can I get a discount?

YES! The easiest way to know how much is to ask. Remember, we have a best price guarantee, so if you actually find a lower price for gear elsewhere, we will beat it.

7. Do you provide crew to shoot/edit/produce/direct/etc.?

Yes! Brainbox™ Productions offers a full end to end production service, from help with development, through production, post and delivery. We offer these services on a case by case basis, so please just email or give us a call, and let’s figure out how we can shoot something amazing together.

8. What are your hours?

Our regular hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


We can meet you outside of those hours, or extend our hours for a nominal fee if you are running late, or need more time to prep, or need to get gear at a time/date we aren’t typically open. Hours are subject to change, and can vary over holiday periods.

9. I need something that I don't see on your website. Can I ask for it?

Yes! We try to keep our website up to date, but sometimes new products might not be listed. Also, with camera gear advancing so fast, we can’t keep every item in inventory. But if you want something in particular let us know, and we’ll try to get it for your shoot. Given advance notice, we can track down just about anything, and usually at prices less than most anywhere else.

10. Do you deliver or ship gear?

Yes! If you need delivery or pickup of the gear, we can usually assist for an extra charge. We also ship to most locations, using FedEx or Southwest Airlines Cargo, please inquire for details and rates. If you want us to ship your order you will need to sign the gear prep waiver form in your rental paperwork.

11. Do you charge late fees?

We generally try to work with our clients’ schedules to avoid late fees, however, in some instances we will charge a half-day or full-day charge for late equipment.

Student Questions

1. Do you offer a student discount?

Yes! (As I write this FAQ I’m learning we say yes a lot). Students typically qualify for a 25% discount. You will need to get an insurance cert. from your school, and a letter from your professor, on school letterhead, stating that you are working on a school project.


If you are a student and are doing a project outside of school, we can’t get you the normal student discount, and you probably can’t use your school’s insurance policy, but we will still get you our best possible rental rate!

2. What is a "prep", and why should I take the time to do one?

A prep is simply the time during pickup when you set up the gear to the configuration you will be using it on set. This is done to test the gear, see if anything is missing, and to make any additions.


We understand that students may have a hard time finding helping hands to do a proper gear prep, but it is really the most important part of the rental process. Our prep techs are always here to make your pickup go as smoothly as possible, so even if you’re short-handed, we’ll make sure your gear is ready to shoot.

3. I'm not sure what equipment I need, want, or can get on my budget. Can you assist me?

We can most definitely assist you on choosing the proper camera package for your budget. Whether you know what gear you need or even want, we can take your budget and provide you with the best gear possible.


Just let us know your budget, location, subject matter, etc., and we’ll expertly craft a camera package for you.

4. Can I get more more information about BrainBox Cameras?

Feel free to get in touch with us if you should have any questions, or if you are interested in our Los Angeles based camera rentals or film / video production services. We are a small company, owned and run by filmmakers for the benefit of the filmmaking community. We have many loyal clients, and strive to treat each client with the same level of service and respect, no matter the budget or size of your production. So come give us a try!

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