Professional lens rental from BrainBox™ Cameras.


Rent the perfect cinema camera lenses for your film production requirements. We have the best rental prices on the market. We have all the brands but these are our client’s favorites: ARRI / ZEISS Master PrimesARRI / ZEISS Master AnamorphicsKowa Evolution AnamorphicsKowa Prominar AnamorphicsZeiss MKIII SuperspeedsAngenieux Zoom Lenses, and Fujinon Cabrio Zoom Lenses.



Brainbox™ makes it easier for you to rent your production gear.

Learn how the Brainbox™ process works from start to finish. We offer Local Pickup and Order Shipping.


Sam D.

“As a young DP,  partnering with a camera house so supportive of low-budget productions has been huge. Thanks for everything, Brainbox™.”

— Los Angeles, CA

Jack M.

“Travis and his team are great! They were really helpful in finding exactly what we needed and have some great camera package deals…”

— Huntington Beach, CA

Nikki R.

“I'm so grateful I found these guys, they helped make our little indie-feature possible with their top-notch Arri package and support.”

— Burbank, CA