Alexa Mini LF has landed! - Overview & Setup Guide

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

After what feels like an eternity - the Alexa Mini LF has made it to Brainbox and is ready for immediate rental!

Most filmmakers haven't been able to use Arri's new baby, the Alexa Mini LF (unless your name rhymes with Schmeakins) so we made an overview video to help you learn your way around this new camera.

The Alexa Mini LF (the LF stands for Large Format) has an image sensor that is TWICE the size of the old Alexa Mini, and has a bunch of new features as well.

We'll talk about what makes LF cinematography so unique, special considerations you need to have in mind when shooting LF, and we'll walk you through the menus and setup instructions so you can check this camera out with confidence for your next project.

Also we sent a few intrepid Brainbox staffers to the park next door to grab some footage samples with the new camera. And it looks awesome!

Check it all out in our video. Oh and when you are ready - you can rent an Alexa Mini LF from us - at a price that won't kill your budget!

Don't forget our growing collection of LF compatible lenses as well. Such as Supreme Primes, Signature Primes, Angenieux EZ Zooms, Sigma Full Frame Primes and more.

Thanks for watching!