Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Smaller. Lighter. More processing muscle. More features. That’s what ARRI has pulled off with their new Alexa Mini.

Calling it “Mini” is only fitting in regards to it’s size. This camera packs a lot in it. In fact, it can do most everything a full sized Alexa can do. Including 4:3 sensor mode for anamorphic, high speed frame rates up to 200fps, etc.

The new mini – lookin’ large

You lose onboard Arriraw recording, but you still have Arri Log C and ProRes 4K 4444, which is very, very close to raw quality.

And this thing is small, and packed with lightweight carbon fiber. So small you can mount it, a battery, an ultra prime, a wireless focus puller, and still be under 10 lbs. Throw that up on a gimbal/jib/drone with no effort at all.

It’s Arri, and it uses the same exact sensor from the Alexa family, so image quality is arguably the best in the world. It’s hard to find something negative to say about it.

And Brainbox has them ready for rental, and as per usual, we offer the best prices on Arri Alexa Mini rentals anywhere.

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