ARRI Camera Vs. RED Camera
Camera wars are sure heating up!

In the world of high-end digital cinema cameras there are primarily two schools of thought. Those that believe ARRI is the grandmaster, or those that think the young (by comparison) RED Digital is the superior camera maker. Much like APPLE vs Android, or Batman vs. Superman, the Alexa vs. the RED is a battle that will go down in history…. at least among camera nerds.

But we the filmmakers are the true winners. And for those that want the reliability, ultra-pleasing skin tones, and ease of use of an ARRI camera, can now rent it’s flagship camera, the ALEXA XT (xt=extended technology) here at Brainbox Cameras for the super low rental price of just $1,500/day/weekend or $4,500/week. We’re so confident this is the best price for an XT anywhere, that if you find a lower rate for a similarly equipped package, we will beat it.

Why the ALEXA XT?

ALEXA XT Camera photo
Does it look good with our logo, or is that just us?

Because it has the raw (pun intended) power to shoot digital images like nothing else. You can record up to 120FPS in ARRIRAW internally, or the new ProRes 444XQ codec if you prefer.

But wait, there’s more. This has a massive sensor that can shoot in Opengate and 4:3 image modes. What does that mean? Opengate is Arri’s terminology for recording every single pixel on the sensor including those that are outside the normal 16×9 viewing area. This gives you extra resolution, allowing for re-framing, adding stabilization, etc. in post. And 4:3 lets you shoot true anamorphic mode with 2x de-squeeze internally and still maximize resolution. It’s a great fit for our KOWA Anamorphic lenses for example.

This mighty camera uses internal XR capture drives that are 512GB each developed by Codex for the best reliability around, and a design that is loved and utilized on the majority of big-budget TV shows, features, etc.

We love RED cameras here too, but there’s no denying that Arri is a dominant player in high end digital cinema, and for our client’s that want the option to shoot on the best Arri camera around, this is the place to rent one.

And just wait until we get the Alexa SXT….

Until then, contact us for an unbeatable rental rate on an Arri Alexa XT Plus camera package in Los Angeles, or we can ship it to your location, pretty much anywhere.

Happy shooting!

ARRI Camera photo over grey background