Hey Penny-Pinching Students,

We feel your pain. Tuition, rent, beer money. It adds up. Everyone that works here was once a starving film student like yourself (Yours truly once subsisted solely on Oatmeal for a month, true story) so we know what you’re going through. You have grand epic visions in your head you are dying to commit to celluloid (or…a digital mag) and we now want to be your go-to Camera Rental House.

Damn money…always trying to fly away…

In the past we haven’t had an official student discount policy, partly because we keep our rental rates so low anyway, but we’ve had enough requests for it now, that we’re proud to make official, effective immediately, our new discount policy for students.


That’s right, you can get 25% off any camera, lens, monitor or anything else you rent from us. Including our pre-bundled camera packages. The only exceptions are when we are either out of stock on a particular item and have to sub-rent gear for you, or you’re asking for something we don’t normally carry. We can still get you those items, but they will be at the normal list rate.

‘Wow! What a deal! What do I need to do to get this great pricing?’

Well, glad you asked. You’ll need a current student ID, and an insurance certificate from your School as well. I know, some of you might be at schools that don’t have insurance or make it a pain for you to get on their policy. For you guys you’ll just need a letter written on school letterhead from your Professor stating that you are working on a project for class. Simple!

So, you young naive ambitious vision-makers of tomorrow, start browsing our gear, and get in touch, and we’ll get you setup with great gear at a student friendly price.

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