Hey BrainBox Fans,

The Arri Alexa is currently one of the top cameras for Film and TV Production out there. It’s reliable, has amazing images, is super post-production friendly, and has great form factor.

So we thought it was high time to drop prices and make this bad boy more readily available to our clients (like you!) so more of you can put it to use on your projects.

Our starting Alexa kit is just $700/Day/Weekend, or $2,100/Week, and as always, bigger discounts available for longer orders.

That’s a whopping 30% off the nearest competitor’s price, and our basic package gives you a lot more than just a camera body.

Alexa lets you record ProRes 4444 directly to SxS cards or you can even ouput Arriraw to a recorder for full RAW workflow options. We can add a recorder like the convergent designs Q7, as an optional upgrade.

It also has the high-speed license upgrade giving you up to 120FPS recording, as well as the anamorphic desqueeze option so you can use it with our brand new set of rehoused KOWA Anamorphic lenses.

As with any of our gear you can pickup at our great prep facility in Culver City, or we can ship to you almost anywhere in the world. And domestic shipping can often arrive SAME DAY, and for a lot less $ than you would think.

And watch this blog for upcoming comparison videos between the Alexa and the F55, Red Epic, Red Epic (dragon upgrade) and tutorial and how-to videos.

Happy Shooting,