Arri Amira – In Depth With The Alexa’s Little Sister

Let’s face it. Despite many noteworthy challengers, the Arri Alexa has been the top dog in the digital camera realm for quite some time now. It’s easy to see why. It makes beautiful images, it’s simple to use, built like a tank, and was designed with the camera operator and AC’s needs in mind.

But the King does not sit easy on the throne. Arri has tried to keep it’s aging juggernaut relevant in the face of 4K Competition, and has come out with enhancements to the Alexa, like the XT add on, but nothing really…well new.

ARRI AMIRA Camera Photo
New kid in town…

But the Amira has landed. Arri’s first new camera in an all new housing. And while, no, it’s not a 4k camera, (Arri seems to believe that 4k isn’t quite ready for primetime and 2k is good enough thank you very much), the Amira is getting people excited.

First, it’s beautifully designed. It just fits on your shoulder like it was a natural extension of you. Buttons and menus are laid out exactly how you want them, and it has just enough heft to make it feel stable, but not tire you out.

Boasting the original sensor from the Alexa is smart, because it just looks so good. And adding the ability to import 3d Luts from pretty much any application opens up a whole new world of possibilities. And you probably won’t miss the arriraw option, since few use it anyway on the Alexa, and prores 4444 is just so good. And you will definitely like the new high frame rates, up to 200fps.

It’s not the 4K Alexa many were clamoring for, but given the more stripeed down, run and gun style of many new shooters and sets these days, the Amira is set to make a real impact.

BrainBox is happy to announce we will have one of the first Amira cameras available in Los Angeles. Rental rates haven’t been set just yet, but you can bet it will be the best deal in town. So when the time comes for an Arri Amira rental, you know who to call. Okay, shameless plug is over.

Check out our video below for an in-depth look at the new Amira.