So, for the first time ever, Arri has acknowledged that 4K and UHD formats are something that people are going to want. Gone is their old rhetoric about how 4K isn’t necessary for optimal viewing experiences, etc.

Shooters have been quietly debating for awhile now if Arri was going to release a 4K Camera, wether it be in the Alexa family or something new, and it looks like today we have our first step in that direction.

ARRI AMIRA Camera photo
Amira, now with UHD “4K” Recording

The new Arri Amira (coming in September to BrainBox Cameras) will shoot UHD (3840×2160) directly into the ProRes codec, at up to 60fps. Pretty cool. Even more cool that it can do this recording internally onto the new CFast 2.0 cards, and won’t require an external recorder like the F5 or FS700 do for 4k. There is some up-scaling magic going on internally though to reach those numbers, because the Amira uses the same sensor as the Alexa and it’s native resolution is only 3.5K. But, Arri being Arri, their algorithms will likely be top notch and it will be the best slightly up-scaled UHD image you can find.

This all bodes very well for future camera from Arri. A true 4K Capable Alexa (or an Alexa by some other name) is almost definitely on it’s way. And we can’t rule out completely that current generation Alexa’s won’t get this same upgrade for UHD recording. It would seem to be feasible since there are so many commonalities between the Amira and Alexa but it’s just speculation at this point.

Either way the Amira is shaping up to be a powerhouse camera, and Brainbox will have our first Amira packages ready for rental in September.