Arri Signature Primes 6 Lens Set- Now for rental in Los Angeles

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I remember as a young kid being obsessed with movies. Today, like many professionals in the industry, I grew up absorbing every film (good and bad) I could get my hands on. When my family purchased a VHS camcorder, my 8-year-old brain thought that I could suddenly make films that looked like Hollywood movies too. Running around in my backyard with model airplanes and the VHS deck, my heart sunk when the images I played back on my TV didn't look anything like Top Gun. How do they make films look so amazing and epic? It was a mystery.

Today marks a big day at Brainbox. Our goal has always been to make the latest in camera and lens technology available as rentals to filmmakers of all budgets. And today we have arguably some of the best lenses available for cinematography. The ARRI Signature Primes.

Arri Signature Primes
Arri Signature Primes

The ARRI Signature primes are a large leap forward in lens design, so much so that they needed a brand new, wider aperture lens mount (LPL). They have been used by Oscar Award winner Roger Deakins to shoot the hauntingly beautiful '1917'. They feature expanded blacks"and the most naturalistic focus fall off of any large format lens to date. In short - they make things look like what your eyes see, but beyond that, their images seem to take the naturalistic and add in an extra cinematic element to it. They truly need to be seen in hand by a DP or operator to appreciate them. Watching online demos doesn't do them justice (I've watched them all).

You can now rent our Arri Signature Primes here in Los Angeles, or we can ship them to your location. We rent them at a generous rate of $1,900/day/weekend, or $5,700/week and we can discount longer-term jobs when you bundle them with a camera. They work great on Alexa Mini LF, Sony Venice, or RED Monstro. If you want to shoot a free test with these lenses in our offices, that's an option too - just get in touch.

Brainbox prides ourselves on helping make tools available to an ever-wider audience of creatives. And today, we are proud to provide the best tools in the world at prices that are now within reach of many more filmmakers - filmmakers like yourself.