At this point the Movi rig stabilizer has been pretty well hyped. And upon first seeing the video I was skeptical. It seemed to defy the laws of physics. Some homemade cgi wiz had created a great video for April Fool’s… Nice prank.

MOVI RIG mounted on Camera
Physics don't apply here!

But we couldn’t help but wonder, how cool would it be if this thing really existed. And worked as advertised?

Fast-forward to NAB. Free Fly Systems was showing off the MOVI rig at their booth, and talking up their new, built-from-scratch gimbal that is behind this amazing handheld rig.

Well after seeing it in person, I can say with confidence it is no witchcraft. This device actually exists. And while dolly’s and steadicam’s aren’t going away anytime soon, a new powerful tool for pro’s and amateur’s a like is coming, and it won’t be long until this tech is everywhere.

Here’s the stats you need to know.

The M10 Rig will support cameras up to 10 lbs.  A version capable of holding heavier builds will come out later.

Two different operating modes. One that allows the ‘flyer’ to somewhat control camera pan/tilt, and a second that allows a second operator that uses a remote to pan and tilt controlling the camera orientation using an RC controller. Seriously cool. The possible shots this thing can get in the hands of creative filmmakers is endless.

An aerial version of the gimbal rig will be coming as well, so people that are extra-daring can mount these to their octo-copters and fly their expensive investments into the sky.

Price’s are reasonable, just $15,000 for the M10. Of course if you don’t have that much scratch under your mattress you can always rent one from us.

We have already placed deposits for them, and will follow up with more how-to videos when we get them in stock.

I’m already salivating at the idea.

Expected rental rates: $150-$200/Day or $450-$600/week. Discounts when rented with a camera.

Expected availability – Summer 2013.

Keep your eyes on the blog for unboxing and how-to videos once we get our first Rig in action!