BlackMagic made waves almost a year ago when they first announced the 4K Production camera for $4,000. And even though they are a little late to market, it’s finally starting to ship out and for $1,000 less. That’s right, 4K for 3K.

Camera Lens with body
Cine-Xenar III on a BlackMagic Body

4K is better because it’s more K.

Of course once you add on all the bells and whistles you’ll need to really make the 4K Blackmagic camera a viable option the price will go up, but we will as always, strive to keep the rental costs down.

If you haven’t heard about this little beast of a camera it can record up to 4K resolutions in an open file format to generic SSD drives, helping keep costs low. Imagine shooting ProRes 4K onto a camera smaller than a lunchbox. Or if you want to load it out with a giant cinema zoom, lens support, follow focus, and matte box, we can do that too, and you’ll still have significant savings over a similarly equipped F55 (another top end 4K beast).

Of course there are some downsides to getting all this for so cheap. It doesn’t have a native pl mount, you have to use adapters, there are limits on frame rates, and some have rightfully criticized the form factor of this very cubist camera. But at these prices it’s hard to not forgive it’s shortcomings.

For indie filmmakers, or just anyone on a tight budget that wants to shoot 4K, or if you need a B-Camera to your Red Epic, this guy deserves a look.

We’re going to have fully loaded, studio ready BlackMagic 4K camera packages for rent shortly, including setups for both EF and PL lenses, full cages for attaching necessary accessories like audio recorders, onboard monitors, wireless video, and power systems to handle them all, as well as a some pretty spiffy looking handheld rigs for the BMCC (BlackMagic Cinema Camera).

And because of it’s small size, the black magic camera makes it a great fit for the Movi M10 stabilizer.

And as always we will do it at indie friendly prices. Final price points aren’t ready yet but expect a fully loaded package with a set of top-end cinema primes to go for about $500/day or $1,500/week. Or a stripped down bare bones package for as low as $200/day or $600/week.

It’s a good time to get into the 4K Game.