KOWA Anamorphics - Cheaper rentals!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

We love Kowas here at Brainbox! Our clients have shot so many beautiful images with them we now take it for granted how easy it is to get awesome anamorphic footage from them.

And now you can get them for less. We want more people to use these awesome lenses, so we crunched the #'s and figured out a way to make them available for just $450/day! Save even more by bundling with a camera package. They work great on Alexa Mini, Red Gemini / Helium / Monstro, or even the new Alexa Mini LF and Sony Venice!

For people who love the anamorphic look, and want a unique character that is dreamy, and lush. The images these vintage designed Kowa Evolution Anamorphic lenses are hard to beat. Check out our video comparing these new Kowas to the originals below!

Nothing matches the Kowas in terms of their super small size and versatility (great for Handheld, Movi or Ronin work!)

The image circle does mostly cover full-frame cameras (in some instances you may need a modest 10% crop) but they are very much usable on LF/FF cameras. Something not even Master Anamorphics can claim.

To make it all the better the multiple KOWA's we have here are all now the newest upgraded KOWA Evolutions from P+S Technik. It's like using the best set of the vintage lenses you've ever seen. All wrapped in a modern and easy to use housing.

For Music Videos, Indie Features, Commercials, or Web content- renting a set of Kowa Evolution Anamorphics is a great way to make your work look amazing.