Everyone is shooting on a RED. Or an Alexa. Or maybe a Canon or Sony.

The top choices of cinematographers are great cameras. But what is arguably more important than your choice of camera, is your choice of lenses.

A great lens package can separate your work from the masses, can elevate your images, and help you create breathtaking visuals. And great doesn’t have to mean expensive. There is a right tool for the job.

We’re here to help. This handy infographic will show you what we carry, and what it’s best at.

When you’re done check out our vast and growing lens selection for rent. Or contact us if you still have questions!

BrainBox Cameras' Camera Lenses Guide infographic
Brainbox Cameras Ultimate Lens Guide

Have more questions? Get in touch. Our super experienced lens guys will guide your choice. Or better yet, come on in for a test, and get some hands on time with our favorite lenses.

And for more info on our vintage lenses check out our Vintage lens comparison video:

And our in depth look at our Super Baltars:

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