First… there was the RED ONE, and it was good.

But we asked for more. And we got the RED MX, and it was good.

Yet, after time, we still wanted more, and the wise masters at RED gave us the EPIC and SCARLET. And they were good.

But now, the sensor that has been foretold in prophecy has finally come.

RED EPIC DRAGON camera photo
It spits fire.

The RED EPIC DRAGON is here. And it is very good.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Dragon is a 6K Camera, with 16.5 Stops of dynamic range, beating most film stocks. It will go up to 150 FPS at 4K and 300 FPS at 2K. It has a base ISO of 250 but you can crank it up to 2700 and still get very clean low-light images with minimal noise. And if you are feeling crazy you can crank it up to 12,500 ISO. Oh, and did we mention that the Dragon sensor has been scientifically tested to be the best imaging sensor ever?

So, how much does it cost to rent this thing ? A lot right? Actually, no. At Brainbox we decided to rent the Dragon upgraded epic for the exact same pricing as our original Epic-X packages. Not a single penny in price difference. You’re welcome.

So, go choose some lenses, maybe add on a motion mount, and Red 3-axis lens control, and rent yourself a Red Epic Dragon for your next project.