The 4K Marketplace is getting more and more crowded.

Sony is coming out with the promising PXW-F7 or what we all surely just refer to as an F7, and it is aiming to bring 4K into the affordable arena.

SONY PXW-F7 Camera Photo, side view
Lookin’ good in profile

The camera comes with the Sony E-Mount which is easily adaptable to things like PL or Canon EF, so you have lots of lens options. Or you can use it with the new f/4 zoom lens made just for this camera. The camera has a removable hand grip that looks like it makes shoulder mounted operation a natural fit. 4K onboard recording is another huge option, as is the ability to shoot high speed in 2k and 1080P.

It makes use of Sony’s XAVC codec to get those 4K images onto new XQD style compact flash cards. And you can use the latest version Sony’s S-Log, S-Log 3, which is great at providing a high dynamic range, low contrast image to give your colorist plenty of room to work with in post.

This camera is aimed at ENG / documentary productions that want to get 4K on a budget, but with a a PL adapter and some quality lenses, you should be able to use it for narrative work as well and get sharp 4K for a budget price as well.

The Sony PXW-F7 (Sony F7) will be available for rent from Brainbox Cameras in Los Angeles very soon.

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