Thank You Los Angeles

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Your support has helped us stay open - and prepare for the future

To all of our clients who have trusted us with your gear rental needs, you guys rock! We've worked hard to figure out safe ways to get gear into the hands of talent and directors. If you are trying to figure out how to safely shoot - we can help.

FULLY SANITIZED READY TO SHOOT KITS - Safely Delivered to your Door

Using our new Sony FX9 cameras with their amazing face-detecting auto focus, we have created custom sanitized kits and delivered them directly to talent, allowing safe self-filming. Brainbox techs are available via live video chat to assist non-camera people with any tech questions to ensure high-quality professional results.

Check out our FX9 packages.


We've worked with several productions over the past month that need more control and want to shoot on high-end RED or ARRI cameras, but can't have crew in the same room as talent. Network control and remote viewing solutions, as well as a few other tools are something we are quickly becoming experts in. Get in touch to learn more.


We've pioneered single Cam Op/DP units, for when self-filming isn't quite enough. And several streamers are using our webcasting tools to do live multi-cam content, produced 100% in their living room.

Discounted Rental Rates

We know that financial hardships are hitting pretty much everyone. We want to support the filmmaking community that has supported us. If you need gear but your budget is constrained, let us know. We can make something work.

All of the new tools we are exploring are no substitute for getting back to normal. Brainbox will be here to serve the filmmaking community whenever that day comes (sooner than later!)

We have a bunch of exciting new toys coming in 2020 (full frame anamorphic anyone?) In the meantime, thanks for reading, and don't be shy about reaching out with questions. Stay Healthy LA.