The Brainbox Team just got Bigger!

I have a bit of news to share with everyone...

I remember so clearly the days of renting a single DVX-100 from a tiny apartment. I was a naive film school grad, upset with the high prices and difficulty of renting the latest gear. It was a frustrating and difficult experience. After almost 15 years, what started as just helping out my friends with gear on the weekend for their shorts, has morphed into what Brainbox Cameras is today.

And now we’re taking the next step.

Brainbox Cameras is teaming up with Reel Men Rentals in Phoenix, to give you two locations, more gear, and more support staff to help you. The new company is more than double the size and we now have greatly expanded offerings - the Arizona office has a fleet of production vehicles, extensive grip & electric, and a fully equipped 3,000 square foot stage, not to mention a full roster of capable crew, and a talented staff.

The great Brainbox team and our name are all staying the same, we just have extra support from Reel Men to be a one-stop shop for your production needs. The extra manpower will help us provide even better support for your projects. And soon we hope to announce an expansion for our LA office to accommodate new services like G&E, production vehicles, and full crewing.

How does this help you? You can still count on the knowledgeable staff, indie-friendly pricing, and can-do small business attitude.

Don’t worry. We’re 100% committed to maintaining our fair pricing and knowledgeable and personable service.

But the most important part of this announcement - I want to personally say Thank You to all of you, our clients both new and old. Thanks for trusting us, in some small way, to help you on your creative journeys.

Your support of small business has helped transform the production landscape of LA to create the vibrant marketplace it is today, where creativity thrives and filmmakers have access to the best gear at fair prices. That’s been our mission from day 1.

Brainbox staff - both past and current - I am so grateful for your tireless energy and contributions over the years. You’ve all helped this small company weather countless storms. Thank you.

If you’re curious - I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to transition to being a consultant for the new Brainbox - and hopefully a client - as I have crazy dreams of producing and developing some stories of my own.

- Travis MacRitchie

Brainbox Founder