The Canon C300 Mk III has landed - Check out our overview video inside

Canon isn’t slowing down. Ever since the introduction of the Cinema EOS line and the original Canon C300 camera wayyy back in 2012 (time sure does fly) we are now on our 3rd iteration of this powerhouse, the Canon C300 Mk III Cinema Camera.

Brainbox staff dig into everything that’s new in our overview video - or just see below if you prefer to read up on the highlights.

The C300’s have a solid reputation for gorgeous cinematic images, easy run and gun style operation, and a price point that won’t ruin your budget. The Mk III improves on everything that the C300 line has become known for.

As always, you can rent the Canon C300 Mk III camera here at Brainbox in Los Angeles in one of our prebuilt camera rental packages for you or customized with just about anything you need for your shoot.


  • Finally we can do high speed on the C300, up to 120 fps at 4k without a windowed sensor.

  • New more advanced facial and eye tracking autofocus smoothly and accurately pulls focus for you when used with L-Series or other compatible lenses. No more ugly focus hunting in auto focus mode.

  • Improved color science and a new sensor means more dynamic range, skin tones that are more pleasing than before, not to mention more accurate.

  • Modular build quality - native modules for things like a PL mount to use any glass you want, expanded i/o options, native v-lock battery power plate, and more rugged in general means this camera will take a beating and keep delivering.

Do you need to rent a C300 Mk III? Not sure which camera is best for you? Let us help - in office tests of any of our extensive lens or camera options are totally free, and our staff keeps up to date on the latest and greatest. So you can focus on your shoot and not worry about staying current on the rapidly changing technical details.