We’re all living in a digital world and the sooner we embrace that, the happier we’ll be. Or so the thought-process goes.

With that in mind, and in what may be a short-lived experiment, we are proud to let our clients know that they now have a new way to pay for rentals from BrainBox Cameras – with your BTC (Bitcoin) horde.

So if you’ve been stockpiling coins since 2009 and have more than you know what to do with you now have yet another great vendor to spend them on. More and more small businesses are getting on the bitcoin bandwagon (the “BitWagon®” I call Trademark!) and well, we’re another one.

Since Bitcoin technology is new and we’re still trying to sort out the best ways to implement this, I’ve written up a quick list of guidelines below for anyone wanting to pay via bitcoin, but it’s subject to change at any time without notice since this is still a rapidly evolving technology.

So onto the policy!

Bitcoin Logo with a Piggy
Isn’t he cute?

1. All orders are available for payment in BTC

2. Please notify us at least one business day in advance of your payment/pickup time that you will be paying in Bitcoin.

3. Currently payment is calculated in dollar terms to fit in with our current pricing schemes and all exchange rates are calculated at the time of payment. We reserve the right to use the BTC exchange of our choice to calculate the exchange rate and will make every effort to ensure it is done fairly, and will only use one of the top most widely credited exchanges like Mt. Gox.

4. Payments can be made in our office, or we can email you a bitcoin address to make payment to.

5. Any requests for refunds, due to the volatile nature of BTC, will be processed in dollars and issued by check, and sent out via snail mail. Sorry for the low-tech solution here, we’ll look into revising this if BTC becomes a regular way to pay. But because prices are fluctuating so much, and we are in a service style business, we don’t see another way to do it currently.

More guidelines to come as we get more experienced with the digital currency. If you have questions, please shoot us an email.


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