Unlock the potential of your Sony Venice Rental with the Rialto Extension System

Sony Venice Camera with Rialto Extension System

Sony’s top-dog, the Venice is getting more and more popular as everything from feature films to episodic TV are adopting this amazing full frame camera. At Brainbox, our Sony Venice has all of the licenses installed that unlock the magic of this camera. Full frame, anamorphic, high speed. It’s a powerful combination. And now we finally have the Rialto sensor extension system to make this camera truly unique among all others. Take a look at the quality and how it works in the Top Gun: Maverick (2021) - Behind the Scenes. Some exciting and gorgeous shots there!

The Sony Rialto, which you can now rent from us here in Los Angeles as an add-on to some of our popular Sony Venice camera rental packages or just as a standalone item for you Venice owner/ops out there.

Our Sony Rialto comes pre-built with an Arri pro kit cage, the stock 9’ extension cable, plus an additional 9’ extension for up to 18’ of travel from the camera body. A Wooden Camera made D-Box is also included to give you power distribution options. And we finally have an optional Tilta Rialto backpack system for the handheld shooter.

Sony Venice with Rialto System attached in BrainBox Cameras Office

Moving the sensor block up to 18’ away from the camera body enables all kinds of filmmaking techniques and unique camera mounting options. So let your creativity run wild. And as always, if you want to come in to Los Angeles for a free demo or test of a Venice & a Rialto before you commit to renting, get in touch.