We're ready for you Coronavirus!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Free gallon of hand sanitizer with every rental! (kidding - but we are cleaning our cases)

Brainbox is staying open during these times to help serve the filmmaking community and those that still need our services. But we are making a few changes and adding some benefits for you! Please read!

Despite our possibly poor taste sense of humor, we know that this is a serious topic. And we are rolling out some new benefits that we hope will make you feel more comfortable renting from us. And if all of your jobs are pushed - we get it - stay safe, take care of your loved ones, don't panic. With that said - here's what we are doing to help.

1. All equipment cases will be wiped down and disinfected as they go in and out of our office. No beer flu is gettin in or out of Brainbox!

2. We're giving bigger discounts than normal - yup - our low rates are lower - on a case by case basis we're reducing our bids to help the crews in this town stay busy, when it can be done safely.

3. Free delivery and pickup in the LA area is now an option for most orders. Just ask. You can now limit exposure to your crew by having us prep and deliver a (sanitized) camera package to your door.

4. No cancellation fees. Book rentals with confidence. If you need to cancel - even last minute - we won't charge you a nickel.

Thanks for reading. Here's a picture of our laziest employee sanitizing an Alexa Mini LF for you.