Arri Alexa
  • Arri Alexa

    The original Alexa with a 16×9 Sensor, this camera still remains a popular choice for productions of all types, and we have the best price in town. It boasts a high dynamic range sensor recording 13.5 stops of latitude, and can shoot up to 2K in both ProRes 4:4:4:4 or ARRIRAW. No transcode step required, the Alexa is DTA (direct to edit). Our Alexa’s include the High Speed License for recording up to 120 fps and the Anamorphic De-Squeeze License for shooting with anamorphic lenses. The Alexa can record 2K ARRIRAW format to an external recorder.  We can add an ARRIRAW recorder to any Alexa package, for increased resolution and Raw functionality.


    The Body only price includes media and batteries.  Need more than the body?  We can customize any package to suit your needs.  You can also choose from of our prebuilt package options below.

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