• ARRI Alexa Mini LF

    The Alexa Mini LF is the next evolution in the ALEXA camera product range. With a compact and lightweight body designed for modern rigs/gimbals/drones, this is the Alexa that can do it all.  Advantages of the LF sensor include: the highest dynamic range of any production camera and extremely low noise.
    The Body only price includes media and batteries.  Need more than the body?  We can customize any package to suit your needs.  You can also choose from of our prebuilt package options below.


    *Licenses available per request - please specify in advance which you'd like installed.



      If you just want the Alexa Mini LF BODY by itself, and don’t want to get it with an awesome package (either one of our pre-built packages, or a custom one) we’d still love to help.



      • Alexa Mini LF Body with EVF and Cage
      • Two 1TB Codex Drives
      • Codex Reader
      • Two V-lock Batteries
      • 2-Position Charger
      • Bridgeplate, Dovetail, Rods



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