• Sony PXW-FX9

    The FX9 is the is the newest model from Sony. The main feature is the 6K Full Frame Sensor. This camera also features 15-Stops of Dynamic Range and Dual Base ISO at 800 and 4000 which is great for low-light shooting. It has an electronic built in ND Filter ranging from 1/4 to 1/128, multiple recording formats, can shoot up to 60FPS, accurate and fast auto focus, and advanced image stabilization. 

    • SONY PXW-FX9


      If you just want the FX9 Body only by itself, and don’t want to get it with an awesome package (either one of our pre-built packages, or a custom one) we’d still love to help.



      • FX9 Body
      • 2 x 128GB XQD Cards
      • 2 x Batteries
      • 1 x Charger
      • 1 x Card Reader



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