• Sony Venice

    Sony's inovative new Venice camera offers productions a variety of shooting formats to help meet their needs.  Its full frame sensor can capture beautiful images in full 6k resolution.  Or you can put the camera into super 35 mode to support legacy glass or shoot 4k anamorphic images.


    The Body only price includes media and batteries.  Need more than the body?  We can customize any package to suit your needs.  You can also choose from of our prebuilt package options below.



      If you just want the Sony Venice BODY by itself, and don’t want to get it with an awesome package (either one of our pre-built packages, or a custom one) we’d still love to help.



      • Sony Venice with EVF and Cage
      • Two 512gb AXS Memory Cards
      • Card Reader
      • Two V-lock Batteries
      • 2-Position Charger
      • Bridgeplate, Dovetail, Rods



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