Zeiss Supreme Primes Radiance - 7 Lens Set
  • Zeiss Supreme Primes Radiance - 7 Lens Set

    $1,995/Day, $5,985/Week, $17,955/Month


    Zeiss Supreme Primes Radiance build on the legendary Zeiss history of creating the finest lenses for cinema. The original Supreme Primes are workhorses of full-frame cinematography, working in conjunction with Cameras like the Sony Venice, Alexa Mini LF, and RED Monstro, to create sharp but flattering and skin tones, a clean neutral color palette, and small compact size. Each lens is quite fast at T1.5.


    The RADIANCE version of the Supreme Primes is the result of thousands of hours of research into new coatings and lens element placement to make a Supreme Prime that can now flare in dramatic and beautiful ways. But unlike older lenses with uncontrolled and unpredictable flares, the Radiance primes are always controllable so you get the full cinematic effect on your footage only when you want it.


    Our set of 7 Lenses covers a wide range of focal lengths. And we're happy to announce that the extended set of 4 more focal lengths will be coming to Brainbox later in 2021. 


    18mm (coming this fall)





    40mm (coming this fall)


    65mm (coming this fall)



    135mm (coming this fall)


    All lenses are a fast T1.5 and are PL Mount.